Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life With ADHD

It is true, it gets (physically) easier as children get older. They are able to accomplish more, with minimal supervision from parents.

However, with a child who's brain shifts into overdrive at any given (and many unforeseen) moment, sometimes what I need to give him is "maximum security."

JT wanted to finish a sewing project, which I had started for them during one of our blizzards this past winter. This morning I pulled down the sewing box, threaded the needle for him, and wished him well.

Ah the bliss, he finishes the project while I make breakfast.

And, then my peaceful thoughts turned to worried thoughts. His mind could shift into hyper drive at any moment, and before we could say "do re mi" (oh, he was also singing "Do Re Mi" as he sewed) a needle could be sticking out of his head, out of a sibling's hand, out of the ceiling, dropped somewhere, possibly left sticking out of a sofa cushion....

When you give an ADHD kid a needle and thread ....

Thankfully, all that happened was he finished the project, and the needle was returned to it's proper place.

Now, the scissors? Well, they were absently left on the kitchen counter by Mom, as I moved onto another project.

And, the cookies JT made this evening? Again, it was nice to set him to work on one project while I washed the dinner dishes.

However, this time that ADHD gear kicked in; he would turn the mixer on and then take off around the house. As the baking project continued I seemed to be completing more and more of it.


It could have been worse. At least he remembered to place the lid on the mixer before turning it on high.

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