Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday

Last year, around this time in fact, I shared our then-present Lego storage system.

Well, since that time we have needed to upgrade, big time:

Here is our new Lego storage system:

These are the Itso organization system, found at Target.

I'm hoping this is our last organization system, for all our toys.

The system is great because it can be adjusted, as needed. The cubes can be stacked, the manufacturer recommends no more then three high, and attached to each other from top to bottom and side to side. With the different size bins, and the ability to adjust the shelves, these cubes are keeping the majority of our playroom organized.

The cubes are just shy of $10 each, then add the bins, shelves, and other accessories, it can add up, and it is why I've been buying a cube or two, and accessories, each month, during a sale.

My fear was that the line would be discontinued before I bought all the cubes and accessories I needed.

Discontinued items while I'm waiting for the sale seems to be my lot in life.

I should be purchasing the last two today, for the dress up clothes. Oh Happy Day!

Back to the Legos.

Each color Lego is organized in its own box, most of the colors have the larger of the half-size bins.

The tires are in their own bin, and teeny, tiny stuff in a divided bin. I didn't take a picture of the divided bin, sorry.

My hope is that this system can hold any increase which may come our way, if not ...?

The down side is that we have also since sold the train table (see last year's post) which means everything is back on the floor.

The up side is that my children are a little older, and they have been given sweeping duty!

Oh, and the old storage system, those drawers are not holding craft supplies, relieving much of the strain from our old craft organization system.

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****In the interest of full disclosure, Target, nor Itso, have compensated me for this posting. However, if Target would like to compensate me for this review, pay me to do another review, or just send me gift cards "just because" I'm fully amendable to such an arrangement.

...just sayin'.

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