Thursday, April 8, 2010

What Is The Medium?

My Walmart shopping list included paint supplies and snacks for the nursery. Between the DIY aisle and the animal cracker aisle I also picked up a really cute shirt.

Two positives about the really cute shirt:
  1. It is really cute
  2. It was only $3

Two negatives about the really cute shirt:
  1. The "designer" is a multimillionaire teeny bopper
  2. It is from Walmart

*Note: I don't have anything against clothes from Walmart. I have something against the quality of clothes found at Walmart. If I'm spending the money I want the item to last longer then a couple months.

However, for $3 I can love a shirt for a couple of months and then throw it in the rag pile.

Since EM was in tow, and we were carrying all of our purchases (what I thought would only be a couple things turned out to be $64 worth of things.) I didn't try on the shirt, a medium is a medium, right.

***this would be a good time to insert a statistic joke; if I rememberd anything from my 101 Statistics class, which I don't.

Um no!

Not when the "designer" is a multimillionaire teeny bopper. Apparently a "medium" for teeny boppers is not the same as a "medium" for a almost middle-age mother of three.


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