Monday, April 19, 2010

Reading List

I spend a tad too much time on the computer. A tad bit of that time is spent reading some well written blogs. Here are a few I visit, for numerous reasons, regularly.

Rage against the MINIVAN. I found Kristen's blog through the BlogHer network. She is a mother of 4, through both birth and adoption. She is a family therapist, and a Christian (the last two don't exactly go together, they just ended up in the same sentence.) Her writing is witty, insightful, and full of psychotherapy mumbo jumbo, in a mocking, this is life kind of manner. She covers ALL topics, nothing is held back. If we lived in the same town I really would hope we would be friends. However, we live on separate ends of the US, so I revert to frequently visiting her blog, and every now and then leaving a comment.

The Livesay Weblog. Kristen, from above, lead many of her dedicated readers to the Livesays. After the Haitian Earthquake many of us became dedicated readers as they journal their experience with the quake, as missionaries for a small NGO; and recently, their return to the US as they regroup and heal.

The next two blogs would fall under the title "Grab The Tissues."

Cake Wrecks will make you laugh until you cry. Their tag line is "When Professional Cakes go Horribly, Hilariously Wrong." 'enough said.

Six Year Med is not for the weak at heart, nor a parent, but her storytelling will draw you in. Danielle is a Pediatrics resident who reminds us that doctors do understand, do feel, and love their job. For all her heartbreaking stories I love reading her insight on the situation. She gets it. And, because of that fact I'm working on a campaign to bring her to our town.

Happy Reading!

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