Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's All In the Details

A very happy, newly minted, 5-year-old was given this Playmobil horse farm for her birthday.

I love Playmobil. We have a couple sets, which is enough for a small village ... if that village included a medieval castle, a modern farm, a pirate's ship and an airplane.

Playmobil includes lots of detail to their sets. They are very realistic.

Check out the tack room:

Do you see the kitten?

Training arena:

Do you see the grooming kit, below center?

Again, the detail. A wheelbarrow of vegetables. Love the kitten!

The Stalls:

And the, ... wait a minute, what is that?

Do you see it?

It is a farm model, after all. Playmobil puts lots of detail in their sets.

To our children, it is a pile of mud. I have two boys, we have enough potty jokes to fill a ... well ....

And, we are moving on.

I do love the kittens, such great detail.

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