Saturday, April 24, 2010

Get Them Varmints!

Disclaimer: I should confess that this posting was inspired by someone else's blog, found right here.

My blogging inspiration seems to have taken a holiday, wish it had taken me with it. Instead, I'm left with wandering thoughts of strawberries and tea brewing for our church's upcoming ladies tea. Bunco playing rules for our upcoming fund raiser for Relay for Life. How I'm going to stay up for Relay for Life, and remain functioning the day after. And, the thoughts continue.

Sorry, I digressed.

Back to our original planned programming. So, Kristen's posting (I love how I refer to people as if we are close friends, when in fact I've never meet her, in person or virtually, I just enjoy reading her blog.) about mice came the same day I found a (rather flat) dead mouse under my car.

Well, I didn't find him under my car, but lying in the middle of the garage floor, where my car normally sits, had it been in the garage at the time.

And, here came the blog fodder, our family seems to catch mice in the oddest manners. A trap has caught one, and our cat ...? Well, our cat prefers to watch them run around so she is of no use, though we believe she did kill one, and thankfully left it in tact in the middle of the living room floor.

Good morning! And, please mind your step.

Mouse #1: Found running along the counter. As I "tried" to whack it with a rolled up newspaper it ran into a water bottle, lying on the counter. A normal, 16oz water bottle. I quickly pushed the bottle opening against the wall, maneuvered it to put on the lid, then took it (the mouse filled bottle) outside, walked across the street, and let it loose in the water culvert, next too a house being built.

Mouse #2: Trap, on the kitchen counter.

Do you know, Hubby had the nerve to want me to save the trap. Seriously, he thought I should remove the DEAD MOUSE from the trap. "Hello, have we meet? I'm your wife, I don't deal with dead rodents ... or live ones for that matter."

Mouse #3: Hubby caught, by cornering it (after it ran past our fat, lazy cat) and placing a bowl over top of it. I can't remember how he then got it outside.

I do remember, after giving me grief for not killing the mouse in the water bottle, he also walked to another part of the neighborhood and let the mouse go. Though, he was nice enough NOT to let it loose next to any new construction.

Mouse #4: Friends were staying with us for the weekend. We pulled out the Outdoor Challenge mat (kept folded up between the wall and the TV cabinet) for the Wii. What was found under the mat? A dead mouse. Ewwwwww!

Mouse #5: Flattened, under my car. Did we run it over? I don't know, but I'm guessing we did, over and over again.

And that, I do hope, is the last of our adventures in mice.

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