Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Since You Didn't Ask .. sorry about that

My to-do list is growing, and one item on the list is the blog. It seems with the kids back in school and the snow melting I just don't have as much to write about.

Well, that and my mind is running in several different directions with the aforementioned ever-growing to-do list.

So, I thought I would share my writer's block, and my running mind, with you, because you so really care. NOT!

The funny thing about a running mind is that when I sit down to purge it onto paper, um computer, my mind comes to a screeching halt.

Which is rather amazing considering how many directions my mind does take.

Last spring JT was evaluated for ADHD, as Hubby and I answered the survey we kept looking at each other and laughing ... the survey seemed to describe me ... and like any good Suburban mom, I wouldn't mind some Ritalin some days ... JOKING!

So, what is going through my mind next weeks school carnival and the fact I haven't volunteered for anything yet is that bad Chocolate laundry the ladies tea I am organizing and that May will be here sooner then I can plan and can I delegate organizing our weekend away kids organized itinerary organized laundry organized bags organized anything to be organized ... children ugh today and children ... and I am so not winning Mother of the Year Chocolate Sunday school Sunday school teachers Sunday school newsletter finding Sunday school teachers for next year ... anyone and the growing list of emails I need to answer and send out ... and the mail that needs to go out tomorrow will I make it to the gym Thursday when can I make it to the grocery store do we have enough milk till I do do I have a shopping list do I have coupons don't forget to make doctor appointments tomorrow oh and dentist appointments ... once again not winning Mother of the Year what I should I write on the blog and have I sent out that email yet it is now 9:30 can I make it to bed at a decent hour and why am I watching this movie Chocolate

Sorry you asked? Oh, you didn't ask, sorry about that. Well now you know, whether you wanted to know or not. Also, I've just made a blog posting ... one item crossed off the to-do list ... yeah!

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