Thursday, March 18, 2010

Life with ADHD

Life with a child diagnosed with ADHD can be ... interesting.

If you have a better adjective please leave a comment, I would love to read them.

When it comes down to it, all one can really do is laugh, and find some effective behavior management technique.

If anyone has any good behavior management ideas, please leave a comment.

Absentmindedness is a quality of ADHD. An ADHD child (or adult) can be easily distracted and forget why they walked into a room, what they were supposed to d.,

Or, say ... that they wore their coat out to the school track, but took it off half way through recess, and then went inside ... sans coat.

His new coat. Well, not the whole coat, the outer shell of his brand new winter coat.

Did I tell you we just bought it this winter?

I believe our conversation went something like this ... "You better find it or you will be cleaning the bathroom/windows/floors/dishes/laundry for the rest of the year in order to pay for a new one."

The coat was not recovered, by the time I was at their school later that week, so I took a look at the lost and found rack.

No jacket, but I did find a sweater of his.

The custodian was near by, and I asked her if there was another place they kept lost & found items. They did not have another "official" holding area; but, she told me, the art room had become a holding place for left behind clothes, so off we went.

No jacket, but I did find a shirt of his.

Then she mentioned the office. There were some jackets lying in the office. So, off we went.

Yes, his jacket.

And, off I went, home, with half his wardrobe.

Life with ADHD ... or in that case, any child who takes off an article of clothing and leaves it behind.

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