Monday, March 22, 2010

Just Sayin'

So with all the political hoopla coming to climax last night, I wondered if we would wake to find the world had come to an end.

Would I not need to wake up? Which, in light of the little sleep I did get last night, I wouldn't have minded. Guess I was afraid the world was ending, or at least these great here United States of America, as we knew it, and I wanted to see it.

OK, so I don't go into politics on the blog. To present an informed and well argued post would take too much time, for research and editing, and debating has never been a strength.

Though Hubby will say arguing is one of my great skills.

In high school I dated a guy who was on the debating team, unfortunately he went on many dates with many girls, debating which one he wanted to take to the prom. Sorry, I'm washing my hair that night.

Sorry, I digress.

Since I don't go into politics I'll refrain from any comments I would like to make in regards to the historic passage of the health reform bill. Like the comment made above, that the world is ending. Or, that I'm inviting my Grandmother to come live with us.

Well, not live with us, more like hide her in our basement from The Panels. (Hi Grandma, how's the new knee?)

I will admit that this is a time when I do wish I was teaching. It would be a learning experience for all of us as I set my students to research the history of health insurance in the US; private, government, and attempts at reform. Also, research the whole stop/pass measure thingy, or whatever Congress used to pass it through the Senate ... like I said, to write an informed post would take too much time as I research it. Instead I use words such as "thingy" and "whatcha' call it."

Then again, some of the people I've heard protesting the health insurance reform bill sounded like they spent as much time researching the topic as I just did finding the correct term for the bill passage process.

I will say this:

The process to pass the bill was not perfect.

The health reform bill, itself, is not perfect.

Health insurance, as we knew it yesterday, was not perfect ... far from it, and very expensive.

Last I checked, we still have a choice.

All arguments used on one side, can be made for the other side.

Do we need health insurance reform, yes.

Do we need a fall back insurance for those who loose their job, or can't afford private insurance, yes. And anyone who says otherwise needs to thank their lucky stars that they have good insurance, have been healthy, and have no reason to understand why affordable insurance is needed.

Do we need to set politics aside and spend some time listening to one another.

I said LISTENING. I didn't say agree, accept, hey, I'm not even saying we need to understand each other. However, the time for grandstanding, yelling, spitting, and any other 3-year-old like behavior, is over.

And yes, I'm talking to EVERYONE.

And with that said, I'm done talking politics.

Now, who is up for a round of Kum Bay Ya?

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