Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Um ... no

Lord have mercy.

My oldest has gotten it into his head that I should have another baby. He has asked if I am having another baby. He has said I should have another baby.

I don't know about you, but when kids start talking like this I become a little worried. Especially when they start praying. When kids begin talking to God, well things can happen. Not that I'm opposed to them talking to God, and things happening ... just not if it includes me and 9 months of weight gain.

Oh dear, I'm in trouble now.

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LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

Yes, my son was petitioning for number 4 for quite a few months.... number 4 is now due to arrive in June 2010. He's already begun petitioning for number 5. I told him I was fairly certain we are done with 4. It is a nice even number. His response? "Well, mom, God is actually in control."

3 for Me! said...

We are expecting #4 in May and my son was determined that baby was going to be a brother!! I really thought, "Can I handle another boy??"

Well we're having a boy! So we'll see how more chaotic my house is going to get:) LOL!! I"m all for it as long as visitors don't expect it spot-less or quiet:)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

LOL...mine keep asking about #5. Uh...no guys. But they aren't convinced ;)

Precious that they love their siblings enough to desire more ;)