Monday, February 15, 2010

... And Now Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Day

As I type this my kids have missed 10 days of school, and though they should return tomorrow, snow is in the forecast, Las Vegas could run odds on whether or not we will have school.

As I type this the children have 5 days, give or take an hour, to make up so they are in state compliance with the number of hours children are required to be in school.

Yes, hours, not days; state requirements are given in hours. This is where a class in School Law comes in handy. This is also where I, as a parent, questions whether we are measuring our children's education in quantity or quality. With the talk of "making up hours" I fear it is all about quantity, not so much quality ... but that is a topic for another post.

Truth be told, I've enjoyed having the kids home. Granted, going shopping with them has not been fun, but we have had fun. The kids are old enough to independently play inside, and outside. Yet, young enough to still be given the occasional "quiet time." Our daily itinerary has included trips to the gym to play basketball and run the track, sledding at the neighborhood hill, games of Monopoly, reading, movies, computer, and some house cleaning.

Tomorrow, we hope, we return to our regularly scheduled routine. And if not, we shall enjoy another day of all of the above.

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