Friday, January 29, 2010

It Takes A Village

Good morning Company Girls. Enjoy a cup of coffee and sit down. We are once again bundling up; a new cold spell has moved into our area, and they are calling for snow this weekend.

Once again I bypassed the Small Things this week, busy trying to clean house, organize the basement and paint trim. YES! Yesterday I pulled out the paint cans and started in on the kitchen trim.

That means I have no pictures to share of little decorative changes made around the house. What I do have to share is a post I began writing at the beginning of the month. It seemed fitting to share this during a Company Girl Coffee.

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In the past 6 months I have witnessed the hand of God on two family's who live in our area.

Being several times removed from both families I witnessed these traumas from afar, only imagining the pain I would feel if it was our family; and as a spectator their stories are not mine to tell.

What I also witnessed during these times was the strength of community, through the power of God, and that is the story I want to share.

The power of God runs deep and strong, and there is no force which can stop it. In fact, what has been demonstrated in our community is that when you allow in God, people can do amazing acts. When a community of God comes down on their knees amazing healing takes place that leaves one breathless.

Friends and family have come together, set aside their personal time and needs to support a person in need, whether it is staying all night, all day, all week, at the hospital. Watching children, making or fielding phone calls, making meals, updating blogs, or just bending down on their knees to pray.

The stories coming out of Haiti are another example of God's glory and power. Stories of now-homeless people coming together to form their own community; those with food sharing with those without, protecting the weaker and younger ones from danger, the outpouring of support from the world, and the stories continue.

All these are powerful stories, but we need to remember that a tragedy does not need to happen to serve God. We can serve God on a daily basis through small things, all we need to do is look beyond ourselves. A simple hello, an offer to babysit so a mom can go shopping, inviting someone over for a meal, or taking them a meal.

Leave a comment offering some simple ideas for how we can serve God by serving those around us.


Melinda said...

A simple way - help out the single moms without judgment on their circumstances. Watch their children, run an errand, send them a gift on Valentine's.

bashtree said...

You are so right - we don't need to wait for a tragedy. And another thing - even after the buzz about the tragedy may pass, the needs often don't. I love Melinda's comment about helping single moms. Another thing is spending time with the homebound, checking in with widows and widowers, and that kind of thing.

Debbie said...

Oh so true... Helping moms is a great idea - whatever you can do. We are still trying to build ways in our womens ministry at church to help the single moms. That's a big need and God calls us to it. Thanks for sharing this post.

Lea said...

Another "simple something" is visiting an elderly person and perhaps even taking them the leftovers from your last meal. So many of them are so lonely and a simple 15 minute visit can mean so much. Loved your blog entry!

secondofwett said...

I also think that helping the elderly is really important...when I see how much help my mom and dad need, it makes me wonder just how the older people that don't have any family to help them shopping, going to doctor's appts, getting medication, paying becomes quite a mountain for them to climb.

joyceandnorm said...

Thank you for sharing this. We definitely need to pay it forward sometimes.

One More Equals Four said...

Very true! One of my favorite "simple things" to do is write a little note of encouragement to someone I have prayed for just to let them know. Sometimes a card and a prayer mean more than words can say.

Heather said...

Thanks for having us for coffee today!
When our children were little we had no family around - still don't in fact, but one middle age mom with independent pre-teens noticed that I struggled Sunday mornings at church. My pastor (at the time) husband was busy with pre-service stuff and I was alone with the kids and no family support. She began to meet me at the door every Sunday with a smile and helping hands. Often she took our 'big girl' and helped her with her coat and took her to the nursery and settled her in than came back to me to hold the baby while I got my own act together - such a small thing, but a big big blessing to our family. It was such an example to me that now I look forward to being at that same stage of child rearing and blessing another 'orphan family' with littles - and in the mean time we are are always looking for little was to bless and encourage!

Frugal Friend said...

One simple way we help is donating to the Food Bank, not just food but also toiletries.

When I shop at the store I look for sale items and buy it for the Food Bank. Even if it's not something that my family eats anymore (Cheerios) it really helps out others. Lots of times CVS and Walgreens will have toothpaste on sale and it comes out free with coupons. I always buy these to give away.

We do this for single moms and friends who are feeling the financial pinch. It's so easy to reach out simply by reaching in to our own closets and pantries!

Rachel Anne said...

Great reminder that "small things" done for others makes a big difference. We have several elderly people in our church who could use a hand.