Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello Monday,

Welcome real world, it is nice (I think) to have you back in our lives, though this reentry is hurting, a little.

No pain, no gain.

We enjoyed our two week vacation. Late nights, late mornings, the kids learning to sleep in, no particular schedule, and enjoying the fact that the kids are older and can function without any particular schedule ... just don't forget to feed them.

So, dear Monday, we have returned to the real world; school, work, schedules, and cleaning. Ohhh, yes, two weeks of vacation means that house cleaning took a back seat, and now the fuzz bunnies are running wild. That, and if I don't soon put away these Christmas decorations they will remain till Easter.

Thanks to the real world for giving us a break, everyone needs a break. And now, we return to the joy of life.

Our Family

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