Friday, January 8, 2010

Company Girl Coffee

Good morning fellow Company Girls, and visitors. Would you like a Pioneer Woman cinnamon roll to go with your coffee/tea/soda. I pulled them out of the freezer last night for this morning, but then school was canceled so I made pancakes instead. We will enjoy the rolls tomorrow morning.

So today, the older two kids are home (my preschooler still had school.) Let me tell you how much snow it took for school to be canceled, HALF an INCH. I don't even think there was 1/2 an inch on the ground. Yes, it was slick this morning, and a delay I could understand, but to cancel school for next to no snow. This northerner just shakes her head. I don't understand these southerners. When I told JT there was no school today, he looked outside to the lack of new snow on the ground and said "well, that is stupid." I laughed, and then told him to find a better word choice.

So this week we returned to our regular routine, after two weeks of vacation for everyone in the family. Monday morning EM walked into my bedroom, and asked where was Daddy. Monday was a little rough for everyone, but we survived.

The Christmas decorations are slowly coming down; it took me awhile to put them up in December, they are slowly coming down in January, LOL. Tomorrow the tree will be gone, and then I can deep clean my living room. After I post this I should brave the cold and take down the outside lights. And, while I'm out there maybe I will remember to throw these away. I may wait to take down the wreaths hanging on our windows. 14 degrees is a tad too cold to be opening the windows and messing with screens.

Rachel Anne's Small Things have also returned to my regular routine this week, during December I took a break. This week she has certainly lead us towards finding sanctuary in our homes.

Wednesday's Small Thing was my favorite, yes I am a messy perfectionist, and that day I was motivated to begin taking down the tree decorations. Granted, my living room floor is still cluttered with boxes and decorations, but it is a neat clutter, or messy piles, which ever way you look at it, we are slowly packing up, and like I said the tree will be gone tomorrow. Have you read today's Small Thing? Insightful and inspiring, thank you Rachel Anne for sharing these glimpses into your life.

Well, my coffee is gone and I want to take down those lights before we need to leave to pick up my youngest. Hope everyone has a good, and warm, weekend.


carikaufm said...

Hola! My fellow Messy Perfectionist! We are having trouble getting back into the swing of things as well, but we've been out most of the week cause of snow, so that hasn't helped much!

UKZoe said...

We're slowly getting back into routine here too. Eldest back at college since Tuesday (no lessons for hi on a Monday) and youngest back at school since Tuesday with one day off for the bad weather yesterday. Not because of the snow itself because they opened the day before when it was worse, but because an ice rink had formed in the quad. They must have sorted it because school was back on today.

Beth said...

I'm a messy perfectionist, too! But, because I've been working on the whole "home as sanctuary" thing, I think I'm starting to get the idea of minimal maintenance. Hope you guys enjoy your "snow" day!

One More Equals Four said...

MMMMMMMM! Love Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls! Just made some last week! I experimented making them giant and it turned out great!

I liked Wed. as well, come to think of it...I actually did it that day, yay Me!

We are like you, it is FREEZING but we don't even have a 1/2 inch of snow...we barely even got a dusting but schools have been out the last 2 days. We homeschool so it doesn't affect us that much, but it is awful to be this cold and not at least have a little snow to go with it!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

School's closed? For 1/2 inch of snow! It doesn't snow over here, but I can't imagine that is all it took for school to be canceled.

The holidays definitely took a toll on our house. We didn't even get around to take out any decorations, and we were hardly home. Who knew it could get so messy when you're not even home. =p With all the fun of getting together with friends and family, I'm glad to be able to get back to some normal.

I'm sure your porch will thank you once your done cleaning. =p

secondofwett said...

It took me longer to get my decorations down and put away then itb did to put them all up...I'm such a procrastinator! We got a little snow overnite but our school went on as usual...thank goodness!

Anna said...

It's always so much harder to get back into a routine than out of it.
I understand about the overreacting to snow. My mom teaches in Georgia, and they called off school one day this week b/c snow was forecast the afternoon. (and they never get more than flurries.)

LydiaCate said...

I had every intention of starting to take my Christmas decorations down on Friday. Got the bins out of the attic...Hubs asked me not to pack it up just yet. I'm glad he's enjoying it all. I'll get to it at the end of the month.
Have a blessed weekend!

jennibell said...

Just stopped by to say "hi"!