Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I am not above censorship with my children; and what is great at their age it isn't considered censorship, just "not age appropriate." When it comes to TV our children are exposed to exactly 6, sometimes 7 TV channels; PBS, Playhouse Disney, Nick Jr., some Cartoon Network ("Just because it is in cartoon format does not mean it is appropriate for children.") HGTV, Discovery (love Mythbusters) and TVLand.

Unfortunately, not all these channels are commercial free. Note to all cable, networks, and advertisers: With each and every smiling Bob commercial, scary movie promo, reality show pitch and every other inappropriate commercial you are only solidifying my husband's argument for a DVR ... Certain commercials do not belong sandwiched between kid's shows.

My children's TV exposure is limited. Their computer exposure is limited, and for the most part their music exposure has been limited. When it comes to music we are talking kid's praise CD's, Laurie Berkner (LOVE HER), the Car's soundtrack (not so in love with that anymore), and what they may hear on Little Einsteins.

Now, their lack of musical exposure is probably due to my lack of musical knowledge, or interest. I like to listen to music, but I'm just not a musicie (you know, like a foodie) OK, it isn't a real word, basically I'm not "into" music. I like to listen to it, but have no particular artists, or genres which I follow, except for country ... I DO NOT FOLLOW COUNTRY. (Sorry Dad, just a tad too much Hank Williams (Sr and Jr) while I was growing up.)

Anywho, in an attempt to expand all our musical horizons we gave EM two High School Musical CD's for Christmas (3 movies which my children have not seen.) And, recently I purchased the Glee soundtrack from Season 1.

I am not a regular viewer of Glee, but seriously you would need to be living under a rock not to have heard of Glee, and at least one of their songs. And I like their songs, at least the songs I had heard, which were mostly renditions of songs I heard during my formative years. The first song on the soundtrack hooked me onto the CD, Don't Stop Believin'. With that song I figured they were all well done covers from cute, fun songs; like Kidz Bop, but well, professionally, done.

Well, maybe I should have listened to the entire CD before purchasing the entire soundtrack, or purchased a few songs instead of the whole CD.

Which, by the way, this non-musical person is loving the whole MP3 download thing. I can purchase ONE song, just one, the one I want, instead of having to buy the whole Record, Tape, CD, just for one song. Usually, the one song I want is the one song which was on the Billboard top 20, the one song real music people would shun, for the other 9 songs which never made it to the Billboard but, in their opinion, far superior in musical originality and quality.

However, some people are finding it hard to adjust and can't bring themselves to purchase just one song, they must purchase the whole album. :::cough:::Hubby:::cough::: He is a little more musically oriented then I, so maybe it has something to do with that. Or, maybe it has to do with his certain Type A tendencies, and one of them is having to waist spend money on a whole CD.

Sorry, I digress.

Anyway, I purchased the Glee, Season 1 soundtrack. On it are several songs from my growing up years, and I was loving hearing them redone. Then there are a few other songs, which now that I've heard the whole song I'm thinking they may not be totally appropriate for my children.

Remember, my 9-year-old still watches Playhouse Disney.

And, at their stage they probably don't know what a "Baby Mama" is,n or "lipo", or have any idea what "the girl was stacked" means. Then again, another amazing feature of the MP3 is I can remove songs from a play list, never to be heard by little ears.

How many more years are left on this censorship power I now hold?


timshel7 said...

Bring the Glee soundtrack this weekend! My 34-year-old ears can handle it! :)

Jenny said...

I'm not really big on censorship with my son. The kid watches Adult Swim and Bones xD And the occasional zombie movie with me. Yea, I'm a bad parent and he's only 5 but whatever keeps him happy xD

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I say that you can censor as long as you can. Let them be kids. I think it is part of our job not to "burden" them with adult knowledge that they are too young to sort through. Good for you for thinking it through.

Erin said...

Well, timeshel7, I tried to burn the disk but had an error in the middle of the process. Funny thing, the first two songs downloaded, I ran into problems with the third song, the first objectionable song.