Friday, December 11, 2009

Company Girl Coffee

Welcome, have a seat. Would you like some coffee or tea? Sorry, there are no Christmas cookies yet to share, but I did bake some blueberry muffins last night, yummy.

Speaking of Christmas, at this point our house is half decorated for Christmas. I've reached a point where I'm questioning the need to do any more, since there are only 2 weeks left before Christmas. The only problem is the decorations not yet up are the big things, outdoor lights and the tree.

Yes, I know the tree. Last weekend's trip to the tree farm was postponed due to snow; and though that would have made for some awesome pictures, in order to cut down the tree one must lie on the ground, Hubby wasn't too keen on that idea. Plus, the farm is located at the bottom of a steep gravel road, lots of snow = not a lot of fun. So, we will go tomorrow, and remember to wear our long johns now that the arctic air has settled in our area. Every time we step outside I'm afraid one of the kids will blow away.

Once the tree is up, and decorated, we will commence cooking baking. I've been running to the store every other day picking up ingredients. I'm not sure what I will be baking, but the recipes will include LOTS of chocolate, sitting on my kitchen counter are THREE different kinds of Hershey Kisses. Oh, the will power I'm exhibiting by not tearing open those bags right now. How many calories do you burn with will power?

With all the Christmas hoopla, and snow, and Christmas related concerts and activities, and laundry, sweeping, cleaning, and life in general I've fallen off the Small Things wagon. It is sad, but true. Last month I did so well, I even competed every task. Well, there is always January.

Now, I'm off for some devotional time (another activity that is pushed to the side these days, unfortunately), then a little kitchen cleaning, a little emailing, a little laundry folding, dinner making, and then off to another Christmas event. (Tune in next week, I may have some recipes to share, we shall see how the baking goes.)


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Diane said...

Cutting your own tree sounds like long as it is the hubby down on the ground! Just think how fresh and wonderful it will still smell at Christmas because of the weather delay.

If any of those kisses are the ones with almonds, well, you'd better not invite me in! My favorite candy by far. We do "secret kiss" cookies, which have a chocolate kiss inside (they look like powdered sugar covered lumps - until you bite into them!).

One More Equals Four said...

We used to cut down our own tree when I was young. It was so fun, now we do an artificial, pre-lit tree. Boring, but easy!

I have yet to start my baking yet either. Maybe this weekend...

carikaufm said...

I applaud your will power! I can't be within a mile of ANY hershey's kiss without devouring it...none are safe around me!

Good luck finding your perfect tree tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

We don't even do decorations. We have a few reindeer stuffed animals and whatever Melody does for her Christmas and winter crafts/art goes up. We do love to go see the Christmas lights in different neighborhoods though. I'm not sure what we're baking this year either. I'm about to go get some Kisses too.

Rachel Anne said...

We finally got our tree and limited decorations up this weekend...yay! I was starting to lose hope. Now I can think about baking...maybe that will be next weekend's project.

Hershey Kisses! You've got some grand willpower, girl!