Monday, October 26, 2009

This Time I Chose the Ice Rink

Somewhere in the great blogosphere I stumbled on $11 tickets to see Disney on Ice.

We have never taken the kids to see anything like this and thought they would enjoy the program, more EM then the boys, but thought the novelty of the outing would appeal to everyone.

Now, $11 doesn't place you too close to the ice. We were in the nosebleed section, but sitting up there kept us away from these guys:

Sorry guys, I know you are only trying to make a buck, but we like to hold on to ours.

Knowing we were up high, the second to last row to be exact, we brought binoculars. Knowing we were up that high I brought some Valium, just kidding. Honestly, I have nightmares about walking up and down steps with no railing, just steps hanging mid-air. Much like walking up these steps.

It turned out that the seats were not that high, and we could see fairly well without the binoculars.

It also turned out that the arena was only 3/4th's full, with lots of empty seats ... rows of empty seats. During intermission we moved down, we stayed in the cheap seat section, but without the hyperventilating and sweaty palms.

OK, question. Is this acceptable, to move closer, to seats which are slightly more expensive then your cheap seat, when rows of seats remain empty? We could have moved even closer, there were rows of empty seats in the very expensive sections, but we thought it best not to push our luck.

Speaking of expensive seats. This poor mom was probably regretting the money she spent on front row seats while keeping her toddler from joining the ice skaters.

Question. How do they skate in that dinosaur and pig costume? Now that is talent.

The outing was a complete surprise to the kids. All they knew was that we had a surprise on Saturday. I wrote it on ED's calendar, without telling him, I wrote "surprise" on October, 24th.

It took him a week or two, once we entered October, to notice the note. (Every day he crosses off that box, so I knew he would see it eventually.) What really cracked me up was when it was discovered the kids planned a meeting, in ED's room, to find out who wrote on his calendar.

We awoke early Saturday morning. The arena was 2 hours away, we left 3 hours before the show began. We gave ourselves plenty of time since we were driving into the suburbs on a Saturday morning, and after experiencing the traffic and parking nightmare at the women's conference I didn't know what to expect.

The trip went smoothly, as did finding parking. Which meant we arrived 1 hour before show time. This meant we were standing outside waiting for the doors to open, after having drunk a gallon and half of coffee, with a bladder that endured the birth of three children, fun times.

The kids had a blast. They loved it, the adults loved it, and now the kids keep asking when we will attend our next Disney on Ice.

***If you are curious what I meant by the title of this post, find out here.

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