Monday, September 28, 2009

If I Twittered

There are several reasons I don't Twitter, one being it would take me 5 minutes to send out 140 characters. I am a fast typist, but not on the phone.

This weekend I was away at the Extraordinary Women's Conference and did send some texts to Hubby, who was graciously, and bravely, home with the kids. It is a little hard to talk on the phone with praise music in the background, and with the rain and people smoking outside going outside was not a pleasant option.

Since I've started this little If I Twittered segment of my blog thought I would share the texts, because really, they are like Tweets.

Me (sent @ 9:02am): Up @ 5. sat in traffic. ready for a nap. s
The "s" is a typo, which I never deleted. Basically, I ran out of patience just finding the text function on my phone and typing in those 32 characters; forget about figuring how to delete.

Hubby (sent @ 9:52am): "Daddy is out of his mind, out of his mind, out of his mind" - ED - tune of yellow submarine.

Me (sent @ 12:38pm): Sitting on ice. literally.

Hubby (sent @ 12:39pm): ????????

Me (sent @ 12:40pm): The floor is an ice rink
The convention floor was an ice hockey rink. They laid rubber mats over the floor, which were constantly wet. Our feet were freezing, the whole convention room was cold ... since it was an ice rink. My girlfriend said she felt like sushi, sitting on ice.

Hubby(sent @ 12:41pm): You are definitely a saint. They are just so annoying right now. Absolutely Annoying!

Hubby (sent @ 12:41pm): That is so neat
My reaction to this message "it is neat to be sitting on ice???? I feel frostbite setting into my toes."

Hubby (sent @ 12:42pm): Stay warm

Me (sent @ 3:04pm): I just met amy grant
If I could find the exclamation points several would have been inserted. If I could figure how to make everything caps then the message would have been in caps.

I'm thinking it is time to upgrade my technical knowledge, before our kids hit the cell phone stage.

Pictures will be coming, as soon as I download them from the camera. Again, technical stuff????

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Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard "Yellow Submaine" in soo long, and it is one of those songs that just sticks in your head. So I went with it and was just singing and singing it.

So ED was just trying to relate to me how much he felt he shouldn't be subjected to either the song or my voice. You'll have to ask him which it was. I love his mind!!!! - Hubby