Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hi Mom!

Friends recently bought a coffee shop, Organic Grounds (the old Da Cafe Grin in Park View, yeah I know ... odd name ... it used to be a Daily Grind, but ... well long story.) Anyway friends recently bought this coffee shop and they want to sell local crafts in the store.

My friend asked me to make cards to sell, birthday cards, mother day cards. I'm a scrapper and incidently have made a few cards over the years. I'm not a card maker, but figured why not. (If nothing else I have a credit for my smoothie and coffee addictions.)

I made a few 2 weeks ago; 4 Mother's Day cards, 2 birthday cards and a few baby cards.

Mother's Day cards, because Mother's Day is tomorrow.

Now one would think I would have made two cards, one each for my Mom and Mom-in-Law. Yeah, not so much.

One would think, at least, I would have added it to my shopping list, and bought 2 on my trip to Target this week. Ummm, if you had read this post you would know that wasn't happening this week.

This year we are going Green. No cards, no postage stamps, no burning fossil fuels to transport said cards. Instead we will be making phone calls to our Mothers.

Oh, and this week, if you find yourself in Park View visit Organic Grounds. Good coffee and excellent food.

And Mom, Happy Mother's Day

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