Saturday, October 13, 2012


Every now and then (and probably more than I would like) I worry that my children are not growing into independent beings.

Every now and then they will surprise me, and I realize we might be doing something right. 

The other evening I was running out the door to pick up child #1 from practice.  Dinner was cooking, and the table was littered with the typical post school clutter.  It was one of those chaotic evenings, what evening isn't chaotic, and dinner would be served soon after child #1 and I arrive home. 

In a haste, as I ran out the door, I asked the other two to clear the table.  Note, I just said "clear".  These instructions usually mean not much will happen.  Usually, these instructions then require an adult to drag them by the ear, to the table, and point out the items, like everything, that need to be removed from the table.  "No, the Polly Pockets cannot stay on the table during dinner" or "I don't think your brother wants the pencil sharpener sitting next too his water."

Imagine my surprise when I came home to this:

A completely cleared and set table.  No ear pulling, pointing, and raised voices were involved in this act of independence. 

It is moments like these that I am heartened to think my children may, upon the appropriate age of independence, move out of our house, and only return for holidays and family gatherings. 


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