Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mean Is as Mean Does

miss hannigan
I really have no idea what that means.

What I do know is that my children think I am mean, and feel free to tell me numerous times.

They call me mean when they have chores (I've been called Miss Hannigan), are given school work during the summer, when I won't allow them to play electronics, nor watch TV, when I make them go to bed, make them change their clothes (because 24 hours in one t-shirt is enough), or won't purchase what they want (sugar cereal, soda and candy) and the grocery store.

How do I respond? 

I laugh.  Tell them to bring it on.  Then, I post it on Facebook, and all of us parents have a good laugh.  

EM will call me mean when I make her do an activity she has only talked about non-stop, then suddenly, for no reason, decides not to participate.

On vacation, we reached the pinnacle of parental meanness.  EM's friend told her mom she was glad we were not her parents, because we made them go to bed before 9:00.  There was also something else, but I forget because I was too busy laughing.

I will take mean.  I will wear mean with pride, if that is the worst my kids think of us.  Of all the "mean" things we could do to our children, expecting them to behave, have manners, learn that life does not revolve around them, and that to be a part of society means they need to also be productive, I'm thinking we are excelling at this mean thing.   

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