Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Later this year I turn a significant age, one with a 0 after it.  Just one 0

Hubby wanted to throw me a surprise birthday party.  And, to help make it a surprise he organized a party 4 months before my actual birthday. 

The problem is, Hubby can't keep secrets, and I ask too many questions. 

Hubby has, since we have been married, tried to throw me a surprise birthday party 3 times.  The first time was about as close to being surprised as I will ever come.  The second time, well, let us just not talk about the second time.  And, this was the third time, it was a no go. 

Which, in the end, worked out in our favor.  See Hubby and I like to plan parties together, it is more fun.  Also, having two of us plan helps with the organization.  I do the planning and shopping, he helps with the set up and mans the grill. 

Then there was the Griswold factor.  An hour or so before the outdoor party, where we were grilling the hamburgers and hot dogs, a thunder storm rolled through, and remained.  20 minutes before guests were to arrive Hubby received a work call, and the lightening was right above us. 

Thankfully family had arrived early, and early arriving guests pitched in.  Also, the thunder storm moved on around the start of the party, allowing my brother to take over the grill with out fear of collecting on his life insurance policy. 

Who's idea was it to serve a hamburger bar?  Oh yeah, me.  Next time keep me out of the loop, it may remain simple.  Better yet, I will be hiring caterers for the next significant 0 birthday. 

We rallied, and the Griswolds were sent packing.  The party was enjoyed by all, even Hubby after resolving the work issue.  (Though his managers owe me some wine and chocolate, ahem.....)  The kids enjoyed an ultimate capture the flag game.  The guys even managed to light the inaugural fire in the fire pit, after all the rain.  And, after all our rushing around, I was able to sit and enjoy being with friends.  Because that is what a party, for whatever reason, is all about. 

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