Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Left Overs

We are well into January.  Our Christmas tree left our premises before 2012 began.  We have already replaced a washing machine, performed a physics test in the form of a fender bender, celebrated a birthday, and dealt with sickness.

However, there are reminders of Christmas all around our house.  Reminders I will find well into spring.

Pine Needles.  I sweep when the tree comes into the house.  I sweep while the tree is in the house, and perform the ritual deep clean sweep after the tree leaves the house.  Yes, I am still finding pine needles.  Under the sofa, in the sofa, under the run, hanging out of the floorboards and trim.  Yes, today I was pulling pine needles out of the trim.

And, in case you are a fake tree believer, let me tell you, you will also find yourself cleaning pine needles.  Yes, they may be plastic, but they will appear when you least expect them.

Tinsel, glitter, anything shiny and tiny.  No need to say more.

Wrapping paper.  Ripped up pieces, thrown carelessly here and there, and eventually ending up under the sofa, in the sofa, and under the rug.

Christmas Cards.  Some of those late arriving ones ended up in a pile on the counter, and I am just now working my way through this pile of papers.  Merry Christmas!

Those Toy Ties.  (said with gritted teeth)  Ties of any sort.  The wire kind, the string kind.  The plastic loops and rubber band types.

Instructions.  Instructions for games, how to assemble, where to find the battery panel, ....  Instructions.  Instructions that you needed 3 weeks ago, and couldn't find; and, now that you have found them you cannot find the toy.

Christmas Cookies.  Let's face it.  No matter how many we ate.  How many we gave away.  How many we trotted off to family gatherings, there will be a cookies or two left, which no one wants to eat.

Christmas Music.  Apparently I haven't listened to Pandora in awhile, because today when I turned it on Christmas music started to play.  Or, what happened to me last year, was that Christmas music infiltrated a  perfectly good, non-Christmas station.

My Facebook Picture.  Before Christmas I posted a picture of a once 2-year-old child of mine, helping to decorate for Christmas.  It hasn't changed yet. 

I love Christmas as much as the next person, maybe a little more so.  However, when the new year rolls around I'm ready to move on, and clean up.  My house is always a wreck after the holidays, and the sooner I can wipe up all signs of Christmas excess the happier I am.

What reminders of Christmas are you still finding around your house?

Happy New Year.

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