Friday, December 16, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the ...

As we were carrying our Christmas tree down to the shake, net and pay area, a school friend of ED's was walking up the hill. 

For some reason our accident prone child was carrying the hand saw.  (Hubby and JT were carrying the tree, I was busy snapping pictures, and giving it to my 6 year old made me think OSHA would be jumping out of the woods and serving me with a fine, so someone had to carry it.)

ED's school friend was walking up the hill, towards us, also carrying a hand saw.  

The boys saw each other, they yelled their names, and then :::gasp::: they began to run towards each other, saws in hand, raising their arms to hug each other. 

"Put down the hand saws before you hug each other", I yelled. 

:::sigh:::  The book I could fill, with all the phrases I've said, as a parent, the sayings I never imagined coming from my lips. 

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