Monday, November 7, 2011

Um, Well, Enough About Me

Yep, my blog postings have been few in numbers since the summer.

Yep, the first rule in blogging is to not talk about your blogging.

Yep, the first rule in breaking the first rule in blogging is to admit that you know this rule and are about to break it anyway.

Howdy folks.

So, let us see.  Summer rolled around, and we were busy with stuff, a little too busy to blog.  Plus, I was too tired.  The kids were staying up later, which meant, when the kids rolled into bed Hubby and I soon followed.

I've been confined to using the desktop computers in our house, since my laptop is as old as my middle child, and has seen better days (the computer, not the middle child).  It may be time to let it go, but don't tell Hubby I admitted that.  Having to use the desktop computer means I can't sit in front of the TV and write blog postings.  Hmmm, after a long day, do I want to sit in front of a computer screen, or a TV screen?  Yeah, a screen is a screen, but one does not make me think. 

Well, summer ended, school started, and I began working part time.  True, only part time, but add in volunteering at the kid's school, car pool, evening meetings, shopping for food, and possibly making it to the gym every now and then, my computer time has been limited to paying bills and reading TMZ.

And, here we are.  I have posts running through my head.  Funny posts, serious posts, venting posts.  Many posts, but without the energy and creativity required to write these posts.  So, I am writing a post about not blogging, and how I shouldn't write about not blogging but I'm doing it anyway because it is my blog. 


So, there we are.  Quick update.  However, have no fear, posts are coming.  They may be few and scattered, but they are coming.  I promise.  But for now, I must go say good night to the munchkins, and probably make it as far as the TV, after that. 

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