Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Wouldn't it be helpful if we all wore labels.

For me, my label would read "Type A, proceed with caution" or it could read "Fixates on little things, and won't let go until answered, even if all those around her could care less." 

I can only imagine that would give a few people due warning when I come walking into a room.

For others their labels would read

"At least 10 minutes late, always!"  (Perfect, you know how to time events.)

"I will forget, please remind me in a couple days."  (No, your not hounding them, they want to be reminded.)

"Grace is not my spiritual gift." (Yes, DB, this one is for you.)

"I tend to share TMI."  (Walk in the other direction.)

Wouldn't this make everyone's lives a little easier?  I'm also thinking it would grant us some permission in being straightforward.  After reading my label, some may feel comfortable to tell me to "back off, they will get to it, where is the fire?

We could even slap on temporary labels.

"Having a bad day."

"Got 3 hours of sleep."


Oh, forget the last one, that would cause more problems than it would solve.  How do you explain ripping off someone's head, just because they asked for the definition of P.M.S.?

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Kelly @ In Everything said...

I'd be the "running late" one. No matter how hard I try to get out the door on time.... it just doesn't happen! We always give high fives when we arrive somewhere early:)