Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some Things Always Remain the Same

Warning:  If you are a mother of young children, and dealing with melt downs around dinner time, then don't read this.  I would hate to burst that certain mantra you tell yourself to get through the evening.    

The other evening we relived that phenomenon I thought reserved for only those with young children.

"The Arsenic Hour"

You know that time, when the adult in the house is trying to make dinner, the rug rats are grumpy due to low blood sugar and just tired from the day.  Well, everyone is suffering from low blood sugar and end-of-day fatigue.

One child was melting down, for some reason, I'm not sure.  Another child was melting down because I had abandoned him, or so he says.  And, another child, had lost whatever self-control had kept him in check for that day.

Add into the equation an afternoon activity that ended at 4pm and an evening activity that began at 5:30, my patience was fairly short when it came to whining as I prepared dinner and organized children out the door.

Apparently, it does not end when children reach a certain age.

And, if you are that mother who did not heed my warning, this is the time for you to cover your ears, with your hands, shut your eyes, and begin to chant "lalalalalala, I can't hear you".

Maybe it had to do with the heat.  Which, on a side note, I'm in denial in regards to its return.  Last week's mild temperatures has lulled me into a false sense of security, and though I know it is July, I'm expecting the days to be pleasant, and evenings to be cool.


During these meltdowns a friend called and asked if I wanted to head to the new wine tasting store downtown. (OK, not so new.  They have been open for a year, but the point is we finally made it.)  With Hubby working late, and children melting down, I was there.  Enjoying the A/C.  I don't know where this heat came from, but I noticed how warm it was while walking to the store.  What happened to the cooler temperatures of last week?

Yep, still in denial of so many things.

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