Monday, May 30, 2011

It's How We Roll

Here lies our raised garden beds.  This is how they look, as I type.  Yes, it is the end of May.  Planting time is about over.

Those of you with raised beds probably have lovely little plants, vegetables, flowers, herbs, maybe even some fruit plants, growing in yours. 

We don't.  We are a little slow on the "doing" around here.

Understand, we probably talked about having some raised beds for two years.

Earlier this spring Hubby said," I'm making them today".  I said "uh, do you have any plans?"  He assembled them on the coldest weekend of April. 

Considering it takes us awhile to accomplish anything, like 2 years to get around to constructing flower beds.  I say we may have something planted in them by next spring.

It is just how we roll around here. 

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