Monday, April 11, 2011

The Mean Mommy Chronicles

Some of these phrases, may, or may not, have been uttered in our house:

The phrase "I'm bored" uttered from a child is followed by this response from mom: "Go to your room" or "In that case, you can clean ..."

Speaking of cleaning, a snow day, or day off of school, means the kids "deep clean" their bedrooms and bathroom.  A deep clean includes dismantling all piles, and finding appropriate homes :::cough::: trash can :::cough::: for their stuff, dusting, sweeping, and giving the bathroom a good scrub.

When there is a difference in the definition of "clean" the child is given this directive: "If you want to leave your room today, you will go by Mom's definition of 'clean'."

The poor child is home early from school, due to a slightly elevated temperature:  "Thanks, kid, for folding the towels for me."

"Oh, I'm sorry, that you don't like anything we are having for dinner.  No, there are no substitutes, so if you don't eat, know that breakfast is over 12 hours away; and yes, you will sit with us at the table, during dinner, because this is family time."

What is your favorite Mean Mommy (Teacher/Child Care Provider) Moment, at your house?

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