Sunday, April 17, 2011

Life With ADHD

When it comes to school, some days are better then others.  The beginning of the school year is hard as he learns the routine.  Winter, in terms of bad days, comes in a close second.

And then there are the days, for whatever reason, he is elsewhere.  Last week, he had one of those days.  We could blame it on the rain.  Everyone was dragging that day; for him, it was his focus level ... kaput. 

His explanation of the day wasn't concise, but that usually means he lost focus throughout the day.  Imagine my surprise, when the next day his teacher told me he had stood up, on his chair, in the middle of math class. 

Sorry, Mr. C, for laughing.  We chalked it up to an ADHD moment. 

That afternoon I asked JT why he stood on his chair, in the middle of math class.  I was fully expecting a blank stare, and no memory of said activity.  He did remember, and this was his explanation:

"Mr. C. announced that the class was a bunch of airheads; so, I acted like an airhead, by pretending to float up to the ceiling." 


Sorry, Mr. C, for laughing once again.  I  must say, I'm rather relieved that he had a reason, and that it wasn't an act of an ADHD cloud.  

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