Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Question

So, here is what I'm wondering ... Am I asking too much from my doctor's office?

We love our pediatricians.  When I call to make well-visit appointments, they can get us in almost immediately (which is good, since we are usually behind on the well-visit schedule).  They have walk-in hours, 7 days a week, for sick kids.  And, wait time for appointments is negligible; unless you show up on a weekend, with a sick kid, during the season of sickness, at which time, all bets are off.

However, despite all of their wonderfulness I have two pet peeves, and so I am wondering, "Am I asking too much?"

First pet peeve:  Never once, when I'm in there with a sick child, have they offered to call in a prescription for me.  Sick kid.  Mom of 3.  The last think I want to do is to be dragging kids in and out of the car to fill a prescription.  There is a reason why my pharmacy has a drive-thru window.  The first thing I want to do, after leaving the office, it to pick up my prescription.

Twice I have asked them to call in a prescription, and both times I'm met with attitude.  The first time I asked, I had to ask 3 different people, before someone owned up that this was a task they could perform.  The second time I asked the doctor, who was gracious; but, from across the room, I could feel the attitude from the nurses.  Then, 20 minutes later, when I called the pharmacy if the prescription was ready (we had stopped at my in-laws, hoping that this stop would give the pharmacy plenty of time to complete the order) I was told the doctor's office must have left the script on voice mail, they would check, and if it was there it would be 40 minutes.

:::sigh:::  So much for my grand, time saving plan.

Second pet peeve:  If you are sending a referral to another office, please follow up that they received the referral.  They were to call in a referral, and I would hear from the other office in a week or so.  Two weeks later I call my doctor's office.  "Oh, yes, we called it in.  We recommend that you wait another 2 weeks, this is the normal time frame."

Two weeks later, I'm playing "guess the extension" at the other doctor's office, to find out that they never received the paperwork, and "oh, that must have been during the time our fax machine was down".


Am I asking too much for a little compassion when I have a sick kid, and a little follow-up when it comes to sending referrals?

I realize a doctor's office is a busy place, with many tasks being juggled, so, am I asking too much?


timshel7 said...

See I was sitting here being jealous that you had no wait time for well visits. I have to call in multiple months in advance to try to get well visits after school when I can take them. Yet mine always offers to call in scripts for me and they even have my pharmacy on file. Pick which perk you want; apparently you can't have them all! The biggest beef with mine is that those lovely doctors can't seem to locate my children's volume knobs. Obviously they have one and I'd really like to turn them down.

Erin said...

I know, pick your perks. The subscription issue isn't a major problem these days, since the kids are older and in school. Several years ago, it was a different story. With that said, with today's technology, there has to be an easier, and quicker way. That, or I just find a pharmacy that delivers.