Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Quandary

JT won an Xbox 360.  Yes, won.  Via an "opportunity drawing". 

It was actually a raffle, but VA law doesn't allow raffles unless you have a gaming license, or filled out an insane amount of paper work, or something crazy like that, so you call a raffle an opportunity drawing so it doesn't sound like gambling.  Yes, "opportunity drawing" does not sound like gambling ... about as much as saying "raffle".

Sorry, I digress.

Anywho, we bought each of the kids 14 tickets, 14 tickets for $10 x 3 comes out to $30.  It was for the school. 

JT won the Xbox.  EM won a teddy bear, ED won some cereal bowls, a game about Moses, and a baseball hat.  He wore that baseball hat all weekend.  Needless to say, everyone in our family left the carnival happy. 

And, for one night in JT's life, he became the most envied kid at school.  Everyone has to have one night like that.

So, now what to do?

We already have a Wii.  We love the Wii.  You can sweat playing the Wii.  Sweat and video games don't normally go together, unless your fingertips are sweating.  Surprisingly, we don't play the Wii enough.

The kids all received DSi's for Christmas.

They have become great discipline tools ... the DSi's, not the kids.

Now we have an Xbox 360. 

Now what?

Do we keep all of these entertainment mediums?

What gaming device do we fund?  We have enough games for the Wii, though the Just Dance series looks like fun.  The kids are now responsible for their DSi games, they lose them, I'm not spending any more money on them. We have found several free games for the Xbox.  OK, they are demos, but the kids (and Hubby) are having fun, and we haven't had to, yet, spend any money. 

Until we decide what to do, the kids are having fun with the Xbox. 

And, playing outside, A LOT.  The rule seems to be, 1 hour of video gaming for every 2 hours they spend outside.  JT's jump shot has significantly improved. 

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