Thursday, March 3, 2011

Book Review: Devotional

31 Days of Drawing Near to God: Resting Securely in His Delight, by Ruth Myers, is a daily devotional designed to bring us closer to God, to walk closer to Him, to fill that God shaped hole in our heart.

The description of the book begins with this:
Do you enjoy the soul-satisfying intimacy with God you were created for?  In his heartfelt devotional, beloved author Ruth Myers invites you to a personal, daily encounter with your first, last, and best love.
Ruth writes an extended introduction, referencing her life, and how those events drew her closer to God.  Each daily reading, 31 in total, is several pages long, and each one gives a different aspect of God's love and how it impacts our lives.  Each day ends with a prayer and several scripture references.  Myers encourages the reader to pick one verse that most appeals to them and write it out.

Personally, when I do a study like this I like to write the verses on index cards, and then keep the cards together with a circle binder thingy (confessional moment: I just spent way too much time looking up the technical name for my circle binder thingy, and couldn't find on.  So, I stand by circle binder thingy, and if anyone knows what I mean, and the correct name, leave a comment.)

Sorry, I digress.  Back to the review:

As I was saying, I write out the verses and keep the cards together with an office supply item.  This allows me to leave the cards around the house, or carry them in my purse, and study them when I have a couple free moments.

If you are looking for a personal daily devotional, then I recommend this book.  The devotionals are just readings, there is no homework or study questions accompanying the book. Keep in mind that it is laid out for only 31 days, making the book a little pricey, but it is a good resource to keep, and go through at least once a year. 

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