Thursday, December 23, 2010


Ah, Christmas break!  We, as in everyone, are very excited to be off of school, and work.

Mom gets to sleep in.  The kids can watch TV in the morning.  Even Hubby has days off to burn.  And, we are busy crossing off items on ED's "Days Off To-Do" list.  It is a list ED wrote out during their last school break, and due to his elementary spelling we can now only decipher half of the list.

So far, we have taken care of the Children's Museum, and the book store.  I love it that my kids want to go to the book store.  I am also loving it that they are old enough to entertain themselves, appropriately, at Barnes and Noble; instead of running like wild children, never let out of the house, through the store, or fighting over the Thomas the Train pieces.  They are perusing books, allowing us to also take a look around, and  flip through a few books.

I think "moveynithn" is Movie Night, which we will have, as soon as Hubby comes home with the pizza.

Target is a favorite for everyone, and on the list for after Christmas.

"Boling", is bowling, but it looks more like boiling.  Figgy pudding maybe?  Wait, you don't boil figgy pudding, do you?.  Is there a pudding you do boil?

Snow on the ground and freezing temperatures mean we will not be visiting the new park.    Believe me when I say, here in the south, it has been a possibility in the past. 

Out for breakfast.  Love it, and maybe.  I've gathered all my Chick-fil-A breakfast coupons, so maybe.

What do you have planned for Christmas break?

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