Friday, November 26, 2010

Good Friends

I am thankful for good friends.

Good friends, who don't mind telling off my children.

Good friends who volunteer to lead the church's elementary school age children's group.

Good friends who make my children do push ups, when they misbehave.

Good friends don't mind threatening my children with their cell phone. "I have your mother's number, and I am not afraid to dial it."

Good parents have already told their good friends "make them do push ups" and "you have my phone number if needed", and warned the kids "behave, or you will do push ups" and "they have our phone number, and they are not afraid to use it".

Good parents also resolve themselves that if that call goes through, we will need to pick up the offending child, hopefully they will be doing push ups from the time of the call to the time we arrive at the church.

A good time is had by all when the parents don't have to make an 11pm run to pick up the offending child. And, it only takes a couple (for some 60) push ups, and one threat with the cell phone, to encourage good behavior.

It takes good friends to help raise your children. Thank goodness!

1 comment:

Melanie said...

Heavenly! I'm so thankful I have good friends like that as well!