Friday, November 19, 2010

Customer Service, Mustomer Smermish

I Was trying to complete a reservation online, and the website was not accepting my money.

It accepted it in the past, not sure what the problem was this time.

So I called customer service.

Raise your hand if the idea of calling customer service, any customer service, makes you want to run in the other direction, screaming. Hide in your closet, and declare the problem is not that bad, you will handle it by yourself.

Except, I couldn't handle this by myself. I had to call, otherwise they wouldn't let me on the ship. Travel companies are funny about wanting payment, before the trip. More importantly, Hubby would not be talking to me, since the trip is for him. And, if we can't go on the trip, then I would have to throw him a 40th surprise birthday party, which really would not go over well with him.

So I called. I gave the details. And she said it, exactly what I knew she would say, and of no help to me what-so-ever. It didn't help that she had the stereo-typical, nasally, customer service voice.

"Well, since you made your registration with a travel planner, and not online, the website won't process your payment."

At which I quickly replied "well, I've paid online before."

At which she replied "then, I don't know."

I love it. We laughed. I began to love her stereo-typical customer service voice. I thanked her for being upfront, and not giving me some customer service mumbo jumbo, and then we solved the problem.

She processed my payment. I asked a few more questions. We had a lovely discussion.

I wish I remembered her name. I think it was Lana, or Laney, something that began with an "L". And, she works for Royal Caribbean.

So, Lana or Laney, who works for Royal Caribbean, thank you for being upfront. I don't need excuses, nor explanations (which make absolutely NO sense.) Sometimes, just saying "I don't know, but since you are on the line, let's process that payment and get you on the cruise."

And, I'm sorry for making fun of your lovely voice.

Here is one customer service encounter that leaves me with a smile.

***Other then taking my money, Royal Caribbean has no idea I exist, and did not ask me to write this review of my customer service experience. However, if Royal Caribbean reads this, and appreciates my praise for their customer service reps (which, by the way, the majority of reps have been a pleasure to speak with, and trust me, I've spoken to my fair share of them.) I'm all for some complimentary, on-board credit. Or, a cruise discount. Or, an outside room, at no extra cost. Just sayin'.

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