Monday, November 1, 2010


We made it through another Halloween without spending any money on costumes.

I don't sew, so nothing is "home made" in that sense. I'm minimally creative when it comes to costumes. So, if I'm not spending money on the costumes, the kids are on their own. (Saturday night we were at a friends house, when the friends started talking about having a themed party. 60's night, 70's night, 80's night? My blood pressure began to rise. Costumes are not my thing.)

So, I send the kids to our dress up box.

Can't you tell?

The dress up box I replenish AFTER Halloween. 75% off at Target, y'all!

Still wondering why they put out decorations so early, and combine so many holidays together, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Every good shopper knows you wait until AFTER the holiday.

ED was POL-H

His own creation, part clone trooper (last year's costume, which were bought at Walmart, 6 months before Halloween, for $5 each) and part Optimus Prime (75% off post-Halloween.)

EM was Daphne, from Scooby-Doo. Another costume bought post-Halloween. Oh, and the scarf, a pair of tights.

JT was Nate the Great. Well, he was several days ago, at school. That evening, he became an undercover detective.

We started with the big hat. And, then it became too scratchy, so he went inside for his baseball cap. Which started the great hat war of 2010!

Note the winter hat

Which put everyone in a less then festive mood. We eventually rallied, salvaged the evening, and as JT said, at the end of the evening, "it ended on a happy note".

Again, we only made it through half of the neighborhood. Our neighborhood is not that big, but our kids are that whiny. Apparently, we need to walk more. Not even the promise of more candy could motivate them to finish the other half.

Then again we took the uphill direction first, with some steep driveways. I'm all for tiring them out, before the great candy fest of 2010 begins.

"I remember when we trick-or-treated, and we had to walk uphill both ways."

Then again, Mom and Dad were not complaining that we ended early.

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Veronica said...

Getting costumes 75% off is a great idea. Would work for my youngest 2. The oldest grows at an incredibly fast rate, she'll most likely be wearing adult costumes next year and that is scary in itself!

Looks like you all had a successful and fun Halloween!