Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Check Another Thing Off The List

photo caricature of a little boy pulling his wagon with his dog and toys inside

ED walked into the office, looking a little forlorn, which I wasn't surprised to see. He had been sent to his room, in disgrace, because he couldn't settle himself, at the kitchen table, to finish his homework.

And, then I caught him hiding downstairs, with some excuse as to why he needed to be downstairs, even though his homework still wasn't finished.

Disgraced I tell you!

So, he walks into the office, and I ask, "have you finished your homework?". He nods yes, and whimpers. "What is wrong?", I ask.

ED: Did you hear me kick the door?

Me: No, I didn't.

ED starts to cry.

Me: Did something break?

ED: I was upset that you yelled at me, so I ran away.

By now, he was really crying. I remembered hearing one of the outside doors open, and shut, but the kids are always running outside, or into the garage, so I never checked on the culprit.

Me: (trying not to laugh) How far did you get?

ED: (between sniffles) I ran to the neighbors yard, and then turned around.

Or, as my FIL said, ED probably realized no one was following/watching him, so there was no reason to continue with running away.

"Running Away" can now be checked off the "That is Just What Kids Do" list.

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