Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Great Clean Begins

Or, it would, if my ADD brain would stay in one gear.

I have a plan. The plan is to systematically go through each room, one week given to each room/area.

Monday: First, quick clean, a la Fly Lady system.
Thanks to her, I have my cleaning schedule divided by days, weeks, and quadrants. (and it took a little too long to spell check "quadrants".)

The dusting and sweeping will wait till the kids come home. One of the perks to your children growing up.

But first, the part of the quick clean which doesn't wait for the kids. So, lets strip the sheets off of my bed. Oh wait, there is that pile of clothes never put away from laundry day (Friday). And, while I'm doing that let me ...

It wasn't too long till my bed looked like this.

At least the sheets had been changed, and the bed made.

And, though my bed looked like that, my dresser soon looked like this:

And yes, that is the 8 ft. ladder you see. The one I used to paint our bedroom. This past spring. I have some touch up work to do. It just hasn't happened yet. However, the dresser was finally cleaned off, something that hadn't happened since painting.

Wait, I was going to start in the kitchen. It is Kitchen Week, where there are cabinets and counters that need a little extra organizing. (Fly Lady style.)

So, I'll throw everything on the kitchen table:

It will need to find a home by dinner time.

***Update: I cleaned out a storage cabinet in the living room, and now have an empty drawer. Shhh, don't tell anyone.

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Anna Banana said...

Ha, love it! This looks like my cleaning style. I also think I'm going to get the whole house clean now that Ellie's in preschool. Only I realized she's only there for 2.5 hours a day. So it's going to be slow progress. By the time I get something done, something else is already messed up again!