Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kid's Menus?

Here is an interesting discussion, about kid's menus and are we limiting our children's exposure to foods.

I understand all of his points, though I do not want to see an end to the children's menu. What I would like to see is a children's menu with smaller offerings of their adult options. This provides variety, a "quick" list for kids and adults to view, and hopefully limits the child's chicken nugget intake.

My love for the children's menu comes from it's quick and easy format, for the kids to choose from (the words "quick" and "easy" used loosely.) I have a hard time just picking something for myself, off of the regular menu. Add kids into the mix, and if we were to all have to pick something from the adult menu we would more then likely walk out before ordering. Information overload! (And, then talk two of the kids into sharing an entree, as the interviewee suggeseted, haha.)

Parent's, what do you think?

Note to my friends: Pick your chins up off the floor. Yes, I posted something from Fox News, in a positive light, and I didn't make a snarky comment.

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