Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday

A few posts back, I admitted to owning one of the few address books left in this world.

What I didn't admit to was that it isn't a book.

It is a recipe file box.

I took the recipe dividers, turned them around to create alphabet tabs.

And it is very convenient.

I also keep my collection of business cards filed away in the box. I have a thing for business cards. I like to collect them.

I use regular index cards (preferably colored), one for each address. It lists their names, address, phone number(s), and anniversary, kids and birthdays ... if I know them.

When a friend moves, I either turn the card around and use the backside, or create a new card.

The problem with address books is the finite space each page, and section, gives you. As address' and names are crossed out, your address book becomes more of a record of the past, not the present.

I don't like scratching out. It's that Type A issue again.

This has worked for me, hope it works for you. For more tips visit Kristen at Works for Me Wednesday.


~Alison~ said...

This is a great idea! I hate address books for some of the same reasons you stated (not enough room, crossing out when addresses change)and the system I am using now (typed on a sheet of paper) isn't working for me!

Thanks for sharing!

elizabeth said...

Love this idea! My old address book is falling apart (we've been married 30 years and it was a wedding gift!!!!). Husband keeps suggesting I put it all on the computer, but I've lived through too many computer crashes to rely on that.

I am so going to get a box and get this project started - thanks for sharing!!!

Val, Mike, Brax and Harper said...

i still have an address box like this too! i have most of my addresses in my iphone, but i can't bear to part with my "hard copies!!!"