Friday, May 28, 2010

Birthday Tradtions

Greetings Company Girls and all other guests.

Somewhere, during the week, my week disappeared, so all the other items on my to-do list are sitting in piles, here and there, around the house. And my Blog Post Box ... it has about 5 drafts just sitting and waiting for me to finish them.

I haven't been able to dedicate the time ... though I may have spent a tad bit too much time surfing around the Internet before turning my attention to the blog, at which about that time the school bus was pulling up to the front door.

There was one posting I was going to finish for today, but may save it for next Friday. If you are a Type A personality you will love the post, so turn in next Friday. If you are not, you may be sending me the name and number of therapists.

However, I just didn't have the time to finish it, and then something else happened that had Hubby and I doubled over with laughter in the cereal aisle at the local Walmart.

A cousin made a Facebook comment about a family birthday tradition, where on their birthday they could pick any cereal they wanted. They didn't eat sugar filled cereals on a regular basis, so this was considered a special treat.

Our regular cereal options are limited to what is on sale, what is available at the local crash & dent store, and where sugar tends to be the third, or more, ingredient listed.

This weekend we are celebrating JT's birthday. Being that we have already celebrated two, out of three, children's birthdays this year, we allowed all three kids to pick their own sugar induced cereal.

Upon announcing the plan JT's eyes grew real large, he understood the plan.

When we turned down the cereal aisle the kid's began looking down both sides of the aisle, and at all the shelves. They never had such free reign before in the grocery store, and they were taking full advantage of the situation.

EM picked Trix. JT picked chocolate Rice Krispies (which is funny, in the fact that he normally eats plain Rice Krispies every morning) but then changed to chocolate Pop Tarts.

ED, well he kept looking and finally picked Cheerios. Plain Cheerios, "because they lower your cholesterol." Seriously, that is what he said. We informed him that 1.) He is not going to like them, they are plain, no flavor, not like Honey Nut Cheerios. 2.) He is 7, he has no cholesterol. We then sent him back to pick something with sugar.

What is wrong with this picture? The parent's are telling their child to pick something filled with sugar.

He eventually picked something sugar filled, once I asked him what cereal he has always wanted to try.

So, tomorrow morning the kids will be enjoying their sugar laden breakfast, and then going outside to play ... all day. Though, we will let them inside the house for lunch, where we will enjoy JT's lunch pick, Pot Roast Turned Creamy Dreamy Enchiladas, and then ice cream cupcakes from Coldstone Creamery. At which point we will either send them back out to play, or send them to bed for an afternoon sugar crash nap.

Picking a meal to celebrate their birthday is a long standing tradition in our house. The kids used to pick pancakes or waffles for dinner, but have now moved into more complicated meals.

What birthday traditions do you celebrate in your house?
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Jen said...

I can't wait to read your Type A post! I recently took a quiz in my Real Simple magazine and willed my score to be more right-brained, but I knew I could not hide from what I really am!

One More Equals Four said...

We used to get to pick our cereal on our birthday growing up. My pick was ALWAYS Froot Loops because that was the only time I ever got them! How hilarious that you sent your child back for something sugar laden, I love it! Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

SpitFire said...

Birthday traditions in my family change depending on what year the birthday is. In our house the 10th birthday is a big deal; the girls get their ears pierced & the boys get their first pocketknife. 16th birthday girls get a good makeup set...etc. etc. Now I need to figure out what traditions I'll bring to my children.

Anonymous said...

That is great! I asked my daughter today if she wanted a cookie for snack and she said she wanted fruit instead. We love fruit around here. =p

Looking forward to your post. I haven't gotten that far on my Real Simple magazine yet. It's waiting for me. hehe