Friday, March 26, 2010

Company Girl Coffee

Good morning Company Girls, sit down and enjoy some coffee. Please excuse the smell, I'm painting.

Yes ladies, I am (finally) painting our bedroom. Well, at least the ceiling; a task I was hoping to pass on to someone else ... however, Hubby doesn't paint due to a technicality (I won't allow him to paint) and though I've been trying to schedule my father to come paint, retirement has proven to be a busy time.

One of the reasons I didn't want to paint the ceiling is because it is textured, if we ever build a house we will not have textured ceilings. The texture turned out not to be as difficult to paint as I thought, however the fact that our ceiling is slanted has been the sore point ... in my neck. With the money I've saved, by doing this myself, I'm treating myself to a massage.

Hopefully, I'll start the walls next week, but it will be a slow project since next week is spring break and I'm painting tone on tone stripes. Basically, I'll paint the room in flat paint (two coats) and then measure out vertical stripes and paint with a semi-gloss or egg shell paint of the same color. Ask me in a couple weeks how my sanity is holding up.

Rachel Anne, is there any way I can entice you to Virginia?

Last night I sat on the sofa, starting this post, with 6 loads of washed and folded laundry surrounding me. That is a lot of laundry, in one day, while I painted the ceiling, and ran other errands.

Today, (almost) everything is either put away (the adult's clothes) or folded and sitting in baskets waiting for the kids to come home. We've charged the children to put away their own clothes, or in EM's case what she can reach, but this means the clothes don't always make it to the closet until the next Thursday, when they need to bring down their dirty clothes, in the basket holding their clean clothes.

Well, I need to head off and finish painting. Hubby is off today, so he graciously carried in the 8ft. ladder so I can finish the highest portion of the ceiling, and now he is gone so I'm not sure how much I will finish since the bed needs to also be moved. However, I need to get it done, because the sooner I'm finished painting the sooner I can go organize my scrapbook supplies for tomorrow's crop.

Enjoy your weekend, thank you for stopping by and head over to Home Sanctuary for more Company Girl Coffee and to see Rachel Anne's amazing art projects.


my home sanctuary said...

Oh Erin this is my first visit. Glad to meet you. BTW I loved your header just one word to share from my many years of experience. When you hide don't let them find you! LOL. I cannot wait to see your painting project. I did a few loads of laundry but sounds like you did a great job. Be sure and log your points!
I am going to hang out awhile here so maybe I'll leave another comment.
BTW I have a book giveway at my blog at
Go over there and check it out.
Have a Blessed Weekend,

joyceandnorm said...

Good luck with the rest of the painting! We hope to do some painting in the not so near future, but I'm already a little daunted by the task.

Ashley said...

Good luck with the painting! I wouldn't be patient enough to paint in such detail - I'm a get in and get out kind of person. Enjoy your massage!!

Cari Kaufman said...

You're getting there! AND got so much other stuff done too! I am impressed!

One More Equals Four said...

I HATE painting! We have done several rooms in our house and it takes us FOREVER! It is totally worth it when you are done, though.

Hope the rest of your weekend went great!

bashtree said...

I am really curious about your painting project and I hope you share photos!

secondofwett said...

Virginia...I just drove thru part of Virginia last week on the way home from Florida. What a beautiful state! I would LOVE to be able to paint my brave you are to br able to do it on your own! I love to see some pics when it's done.

Cathy said...

Painting...I think I like to paint. I'm always overwhelmed at first but once I get going I enjoy it. I faux painted our bathroom three colors of purple(Love purple). I did brown and pink stripes in my girl's room last summer. And I painted my son's room a great mustardy gold color. I just need some color in the main living areas. Good luck with the rest of your painting!

secondofwett said...

Erin...well, when you come to your camp, if you come thru Buffalo then you'll go right by my area on the Q.E.W. hwy, just past Grimsby, at the Fifty Road exit,...and my eldest son, who has sweet baby William lives in Parry Sound! Very small world isn't it!