Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wonderings ...

The past few weeks I've been motivated to go for a walk around our neighborhood, but haven't.

Something about the 30 degrees, and below, outdoor temperatures and snow/ice covered roads; oh, and that the roads in our development had been plowed to allow 1 car, at a time, to pass, have deterred me from this uncharacteristic desire to go for a walk.

While lying on the couch Thursday, recovering from a stomach bug, I wanted to clean my house.

Why is it that the house is never clean when you are sick, and when you have the least amount of energy, and a very unsettled stomach, you suddenly want to clean the house?

It similar to toys and children. There may be a toy that a child has not played with for months, they have not even noticed, but the moment the toy is removed from the premises there is much wailing about the lost, most favorite of toys.

Maybe these musings fall under Murphy's Law, or a close cousin? What have you been pondering the past few days?

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Veronica said...

I hear you because I have had those same exact thoughts lately. I was sick with a cold this week and my house went to hell and all I could think about was how I wanted to clean it but had no real energy to do so..

I hope now that I am starting to feel better I have the same motivating thoughts?!