Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Facts of Snow Days

Here are the facts:
  • We live in the south
  • We are being hit by snow, and a lot of it by our standards
  • We live in the south, NO ONE knows what to do with snow.
  • We also live in a valley, the school district covers a large area, including the mountains. Places where the sun don't shine, cell phone reception cannot be found, and the snow isn't moved.
  • Even the snow that is moved, isn't always moved very well. (I say that will all due respect because I know those snow plow drivers are busting their butts, working insane hours, driving in insane conditions, and it is a job I don't want.)
  • My children have been out of school since the beginning of February. Wait, let me rephrase that ... they have not been in school since the start of February. Granted, it is only the 9th, but they most likely won't be in school for the rest of this week. If it snows anymore, they may miss most, if not all, of next week.
  • And that the month of January was pretty much a wash out, school wise, between scheduled days off, rain days, snow days, delays, sick days and bomb threats.
  • During the summer, when the kids are home, I at least have a summer fun budget so we can do things like go out for lunch. I don't have a snow day fun budget.
And, I want to spend money. The monotony is driving me slightly batty, and making me a little stressed. And, when I'm stressed, I spend money. Then again, with all this snow it is making it hard to get out of the house (see above) so at least I can't spend money ... then again there is always Amazon.


suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter said...

haha, i've done more online shopping than usual this week, too.

i did at least make it out with the kids to the library today. school here (in PA) has been out all week and for at least tomorrow, too.


Anonymous said...

There is always ebay too, and Land's End, and...I could go on and on!!!!

timshel7 said...

7The upside is you'll be able to keep your summer fun budget. At this point the kids will be going to school all summer long because of all the days missed and you won't need your summer fun budget! :) We're finally home today. This is our first snow day, although in all likelihood, we may get tomorrow as well. I'm excited that the storm finally hit during the week. Yes, we teachers like snow days too - just as much, if not more, than the kids.