Friday, September 4, 2009

Company Girl Coffee

Happy Friday. Come in, grab a mug, have a seat. Here, have some snickerdoodles. I found the recipe over at The Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen. I am loving her blog, and I am loving the recipe site. Before you head over to her site beware. Beware of the amount of time you will spend browsing her recent pages, the archives, her romance story, and the recipes. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to peruse the site.

Now, let's give Rachel Anne some virtual {{{HUGS}}}. It sounds like her day had a rough start. I am hoping it has gotten better, much better.

Well, we survived our second week of school, just barely. This morning ED was complaining of a tummy ache. He is battling allergies and was up late last night with a runny nose. He was sent off to school with a hug, a kiss, and instructions that if he still felt bad by lunchtime he could go to the nurse. (They never take visit the nurse. By lunch time they forget these instructions, and that they "felt" ill.)

Guess who called me at lunchtime, the nurse. I made him stay at school. He doesn't have a fever and he hasn't thrown up. My guess? The allergies are making him feel icky, combined with being tired from the week. We shall see how he feels about me when he gets off the bus.

How did everyone do with this week's Small Things? All day Tuesday I found myself racking up the points as I went through my cleaning routine.

At first, on Wednesday, I thought I would need to go knock on the neighbor's house and ask to change a diaper. I had nothing in the EWWW category happening at my house. Even the cat was behaving herself. Then I remembered the chicken. I was cooking a chicken in the crock pot, and then would be freezing the cooked meat. Yep, that certainly fell under the EWWW category, with double EWWW. I hate handling dead, whole bird. Whether cooked or not, I hate handling dead, whole bird. I'm such a city girl. I like my meat to come from the store, already processed and wrapped in cellophane.

And then yesterday's Small Thing was perfect. By Thursday, the only items left on my to-do list were monotony tasks. Sweeping, check. Steam mop the floor, check. Iron, check and check. Speaking of ironing I need to leave and head back to my ironing board. Still more to finish.

Enjoy your weekend. Do you and your family have any special plans? For us, nothing big. I'm attending a family wedding tomorrow and then the whole family will be hanging out with friends for Sunday supper.

For more Company Girl Coffee head over to Home Sanctuary. Happy Friday.


secondofwett said...

It's nice to know that another mom has the same thots as myself when it comes to kids not feeling well and school! I also don't handle uncooked fact, when they have to be stuffed I get hubby to hold it while i use a lge spoon to shovel the stuffing in! Have a good week~

carikaufm said...

I can relate to your sons allergic son has multiple food allergies and any taste of one of his triggers sends us into a week of "intestinal distress"..."I'm glad I am not the only "mean mom" that has a "no fever, no puke- no day off" policy, otherwise we would never be in school...

If you love food sites and recipes, check out Karina's Kitchen...mmmm...beautiful yumminess on that site:

Have a great weekend!

Faerie Mom said...

I am the same way with my kids!

We have no plans for this weekend, just hoping it cools off some and maybe we can play outside more!

Ang said...

I wish I could have the no fever, no puke, no day off rule. lol We homeschool so even if they were sick, I just tell them to lay down and do their work. There are no real days off around here. LOL

The only thing we may or may not get accomplished this weekend is taking the pool down, cleaning it, and folding it all up neatly for storage. The days of 100+ temps seem to be behind us now.

LydiaCate said...

Allergies are no fun! Hope that gets better for your little one.
Have a great weekend!