Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break Round-Up

We survived spring break, even with the cool weather (we saw snow flurries on Tuesday.) Thankfully, by Thursday and Friday the weather warmed up so the kids could be kicked outside because they are climbing the walls and running in circles around the house go outside and play.

So after our relaxing and activity filled week here is what happened to our to-do list.

1. The week will start with the kids cleaning their bedrooms and their bathroom.
Yep, the kids cleaned, and did a great job. However, our week did not start off with cleaning. It began with breakfast at Cracker Barrel, because we were out of milk. Then, a trip to the grocery store, because we were not only out of milk but most other food.

2. Study the weather.
I made each child a weather journal and they faithfully kept track of the weather for three days. The wind tracker, rain tracker, and other weather related crafts didn't happen. Oh well, there is always the summer.

3. Plant seeds.
Nope. Now I need to plant them this week, otherwise my Zinnia's won't bloom till September.

4. Get out of the house.

5. Dye eggs.

Yummy enough to eat. The whole egg! After the eggs dried my younger two wanted an egg for snack. Not thinking I handed each an egg and began talking to my oldest. At some point I looked at them and realized they were eating the shell as well!!!!! The dye is non-toxic right? Being in boiling water killed the samonila found on shells, right?

6. Visit family and Easter egg hunts.
Fun, late nights and way too early mornings were had by all.

The kids are now back to school. School is in the home streatch to summer vacation. If I start now, maybe, I'll have a weather unit ready for the kids.

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