Friday, April 17, 2009

Company Girl Coffee

Welcome. Come in, have a seat. Excuse me while I keep packing. In a couple hours I'm living for a girlie weekend, yippee!

I've decided that this "busy" we have been experiencing the past few months is our new normal. With one project after another, along with daily living, I'm ready for a weekend away.

After Christmas our elementary school planned and hosted a carnival fundraiser (in a total of 8 weeks). Once the carnival was over we were painting the house (and still are), then there was spring break, we went to my parent's overnight over Easter weekend, I'm leaving this weekend, we are having a yard sale next weekend, 2 of our children have field trips within the next two weeks, a dance recital fast approaching, the kid's birthday party still needs to be scheduled, and then there is the day to day schedule stuff.


Oh yes, I'm ready for this weekend. While talking to one of the other women going I started to think how differently women plan a weekend away (especially when half of us are Type A) compared to a group of men. I wrote about it yesterday, with Hubby's help. When I suggested the "male point of view" he would tell me I was giving them too much credit. LOL!

Needless to say the Small Things have gone by the wayside, though I keep checking them every day. Rachel Anne's postings are like a short devotional for me, and unfortunately some days that is about all I get. Today's Small Thing was exactly what I needed, every day. I'm not a frugal girl by design (my Mom is snorting tea out her nose, "well that is putting it mildly" she is thinking.) I'm excited to read everyone's tips on streaching the old budget.

Well ladies, I'm off. Need to finish folding laundry, packing (thinking I need to repack in a biggere bag), check off my list and get the kids off the bus.

Yes, I'm so ready for a weekend of nothing!


Diane said...

Oh my - your post on the difference in preparations is riot, and all too true. May you have a relaxing (and obviously well-organized!) weekend away.

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

Have a GREAT weekend. Those girlie getaways are the best!

Rachel Anne said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend with the girls! What fun!

Man, you've got a lot of stuff going on. You NEED some time away!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the getaway is very well-deserved. Have a safe and fun trip!

She's So There said...

Have a GREAT time out...and this fly by the seat of her pants girl...I'm always tickled pink if I get there somewhere with clothes, underwear AND shoes!

Anonymous said...

Have a fantastic weekend; that sounds so fun!

Mommahen said...

My mom always told me "the older you get the faster your time will fly." I always thought she was just crazy, but now with three boys ages 13, 10, and 6 I realize she is right. We start out Monday and before I know it we are ending Sunday. Sounds like I've found a kindred spirit. I hope your weekend is wonderfully restful! Thanks for the coffee.

secondofwett said...

I hope you had a wonderful ladies wknd...we could all use that every once in awhile!

mholgate said...

"Just don't let the kids see you laugh." I had such a hard time holding my laughter at the green dog! My favorite is when something flies out of my mouth at my kids and then it sounds so obsurd that even I can't resist laughing at myself!

Hope you had a great weekend away! Mine is coming up end of May when I'm going to Women of Faith Conference. :)

Thanks for coming for coffee this week.