Monday, March 30, 2009

Memo Monday: Holes, Jeans and Patches ... when is it too many?

Welcome to Memo Monday. A time when I post a memo regarding a specific topic. Basically, I get to spout off about my most recent pet peeve. (And yes, this is my blog so I can do that any day of the week. Just go with it OK.)

This week my memo is to Dear Abby, or Heloise. Maybe I should direct it to the folks at What Not To Wear since it is a clothing question. Or maybe, you, my (total of 5) readers can answer this one for me. If you have boys, you will know what I mean.

Pants and Patches. How big of a hole in the knee until it needs a patch, how many patches are allowed, and do the patches have to match? Oh, and while we are on the topic of boys and pants, when is too short really too short?

Yes, in this picture theses are pants my sons wear, in public. Mismatched patches, torn ptaches, gaping hole, and all. The high-waters on the left are not showing, pity.

There reaches a point when I think it would have been cheaper to purchase new pants then keep buying patches. And, many times, by the time I fix the jeans I need to purchase new pants because the child grew an inch.

Suggestions and tips on jean/patch etiquette are much appreciated. Or, should I pitch the lot and take out a second mortgage to purchase my sons new pants?


Anonymous said...

As your friend with the four foot long legs who always had high-watered jeans, I say the longer the better. If the jeans are long enough- patch away until they are too short.

Suzanne said...

Yes, patch away. I have patched my sons jeans just because they are favorites and most comfy. Believe it or not my husband is the worst. He likes to wear his jeans until they are a disgrace. I keep a pair or two of the old ones (meaning unrepairable in certian areas, if you know what I mean) to use as patches for the not quite as old ones. And high waters or not if they are happy be thankful.

Jolanthe said...

If they are hanging on by patches, I say cut them into shorts before you pass them along to a friend {grins}.