Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It Seemed So Simple in the Beginning

Paint. That was all we were doing, painting the interior of the house. Four years ago we moved into a brand spankin' new house, complete with flat "builder's white" paint on the wall. At the time I was pregnant, had two boys ages 3 and under, just moved to a new town, and all I really wanted to do was sleep. Not pick out paint colors.

With three small children we knew the house would need painted in 4 or 5 years time, even if we repainted the house then. And so, I spent the next 4 years picking out paint colors, perusing the latest Pottery Barn catalog for color ideas, and sitting in my living room asking it what color it would like to be.

While all this was happening, last fall we began to price sectional sofas. Our Ikea sleeper sofa is literally falling apart at the seams. And with three small children, well it has seen just about everything. 'nough said.

I have a plan for the living room. I knew what I wanted. The question was, how much was all this going to cost me.

Paint first. That was all we were doing, right. I mean with the economy we weren't sure we wanted to push our luck by purchasing an expensive sofa and then Hubby be greeted with a pink slip the next day, Murphy's Law and all. (And for the record for all friends and family reading this: Hubby's job does appear to be stable. Just, when you wake every morning to the news, and all they are reporting on is how many people lost their jobs the day before you begin to look over your shoulder.)

Well the paint went on. And then, lo and behold the store with our most favorite sofa was holding a sofa sale. Let's go look we told each other. Let's go see what their prices are now compared to October. Well, their prices were much lower and the sofa was ordered.

But, wait I said. We need window coverings. See the afternoon sun pours into our living room. And with the flat "builder's white" paint came "construction grade" windows (read: crappy). The sofa will fade from the sun light. Oh, and I'm a little tired of having to wear sun glasses if I want to sit in our living room.

So tomorrow, off to Home Depot and Lowe's I go, finding prices for window shades. It won't be cheap. At 70 inches in width and 88 inches in height, a lot of shading is required. And since none of us can reach the top of the window without a 12 ft. ladder, they will need remotes. Unless I add a 12 ft. ladder into my living room decor plan. Hmmm, maybe a rolling ladder, like in the libraries.

So. It all started with a simple coat of paint, just paint. Granted, a butt load of paint, but it was just paint. Then the sofa, and now the blinds (which I have yet to convince Hubby are needed.) And we aren't done. Well, the room isn't done, there are still new chairs, a rug, and a ottoman/coffee table to be found, but our checkbook is done. But that is OK, because the plan that has been sitting in my head now for 4 years is finally moving into the living room for all to see.

Anyone want a "very used sofa, barely used sofa bed"? We have one, going cheap.

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Jolanthe said...

LOL - very used sofa!! :) Can't wait to see the new colors!